Keeling School of Dance

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Keeling School of Dance was established by Miss Beatrice Keeling in 1934 at the age of 14. Lessons began in her parents back room and continued moving to Aldridge in the 1970's.  We have been based in our current studio since 1976.  Sadley Miss Keeling passed away in 2014 having taught untill summer 2012.  The school continues to provide a service to the community and is now run by 4 of her ex-pupils.  We currently run classes in
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Theatre Craft
  • Musical Theatre
  • Gymnastics
  • Modern
  • Broadway
  • Street
  • Contemporary/ Lyrical

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  1. Sarah Hemming
    Sarah Hemming
    Sarah is a highly experienced and qualified dance teacher, she not only has a degree in dance from Wolverhampton University, she has owned her own dance school for many years and is choreographer for The Aldridge Musical Comedy Society.
  2. Elaine Wigfield
    Elaine Wigfield
    Elaine has a degree in dance from Wolverhampton University and after leaving university she went onto perform as a professionla dancer in a contemporary dance company. As a student she was recommended for 2 IDTA scholarships for her Ballet.
  3. Clare Cooksey
    Clare Cooksey
    Clare has taught for Keeling School of dance over many years taking her pre-associate teaching qualifications under Miss Keelings direction. Clare is also a qualified early years practitioner and first aider.
  4. Francesca Eardley
    Francesca Eardley
    Fran has completed A level dance and extended Level 3 BTEC dance after achieving Distinction*distinction. She is currently studying Dance at Wolverhampton University and also working towards her pre-associate teaching qualification.